Exosomes for hair growth and hair restoration

Benefits of hair restoration with exosomes : Stimulate the growth of fuller, thicker, and healthier scalp hair Provide natural scalp hair restoration Improve hair growth prior to and after surgical hair transplantation procedures Improve hair growth around scars after surgical hair transplantation procedures Provide long-lasting results Restore self-confidence BOOK NOW CONCERNS Signs of aging (loss […]

Exosomes for skin regeneration

Juvenology clinic provides state-of-the-art treatments for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation including utilization of only the purest exosomes for total regenerative wellness. Pricing :  Face, neck, scalp (other area) one session from £350 Course of 5 treatments £1650 Applications include: Pigmentation Skin laxity Dull skin Lines & wrinkles Scarring Acne Dermatitis e.g. eczema Rosacea Other inflammatory […]

Lifestyle Medicine

A holistic approach to your health. Lifestyle medicine promotes a plant-predominant diet, regular physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, and avoidance of risky substances as a primary therapeutic modality for the treatment and renversement of chronic disease. Many of our health problems are caused by our lifestyle. We can improve our everyday habits to promote […]

Brazilian Bum Lift

Brazilian bum LIFT What is a Non-Surgical Buttock Lift? Non-surgical butt lift (also called bum filler) is a butt lift done without surgery. Instead of liposuction and fat transfer usually used in Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) -which are both semi-invasive surgical procedures- a non-surgical lift instead uses injectable dermal fillers Hyaluronic acid to round, sculpture, […]


What is PRX-T33 peeling? It is now my pleasure to offer individuals this customized rejuvenation treatment that is difficult to find at other beauty clinics. A series of three PRX treatments is done one to two weeks apart. PRX-T33 is a new product available in the global market for bio revitalization of the skin. Combining […]

IPL and E light Skin Rejuvenation

IPL and E light skin rejuvenation What are the benefits of Skin Rejuvenation? Alma’s laser treatments help rejuvenate mature skin, enhancing your natural beauty and revealing smoother, younger, healthier-looking skin. The skin IPL and E light treatment are considered a ‘lunchtime procedure’. That means it is virtually painless and has no downtime. Additionally, the treatment […]

Light Therapy Red and Near Infrared

Light Therapy Red and Near-Infrared Boost your immune system New Treatment in Clinic Red light therapy has amazing benefits for your body Near-Infrared and Deep Red Try 15 min for £50 BOOK NOW Near-Infrared Near-Infrared light therapy involves the use of LED light-emitting devices to shine specific wavelengths of light onto bare skin, stimulating biological […]

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair removal Hair removal with Alma Soprano Ice Platinum : Alma Soprano ICE Platinum Laser is an advanced option for providing our patients with the safest and most comprehensive laser hair removal available today. Treatment with the Soprano ICE laser causes almost no discomfort – delivering a massage-like sensation instead – while still providing […]

Face and Body 5D ICE HIFU

Face and body 5d ice hifu What is HIFU? HIFU is an advanced technology – targeting skin tissue and subcutaneous fat – causes micro-injury thermal coagulation points, therefore, producing more collagen. The treatment breaks down cellulite and subcutaneous body fat below the skin’s surface; it’s non-invasive, very impressive, and has a long-lasting effect. It is […]


HYDRAFACIAL Hydrafacial is the instant glow combination of 6 treatments in 1 goes personalized approach. The treatment is the perfect choice for skincare routine cleansing and refreshing. The course of 6 treatments is recommended. Microdermabrasion Skin Scrubber Cavitation Radiofrequency Cold Hummer Jet Oxygen Spray BOOK NOW Favorite Treatment Suitable for everyone Red carpet treatment Very […]