Dermal Fillers


Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are available in a range of products and techniques for treating different areas.

Fillers are an instant way to erase the lines and wrinkles and give you volume in the desired areas.

We use a personalized artistic approach to help you achieve the best version of yourself.

The body contains a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid (HA) found in the deep layers of the skin known as the dermis. Maintaining the skin’s health and smoothness is one of its primary functions.

The treatment can be tailored to your needs providing a natural look, giving you a more youthful appearance, and enhancing.

Treatment areas

Lip Lines, to fill your lipstick lines, also known as smoker’s lines Perioral.

Lip Filler to define, shape, and volumize the lips.


Dermal fillers are made from natural chemicals that occur in the human body, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and calcium hydroxylapatite. Fillers help remove wrinkles, plump lips, replace lost soft tissue volume, raise scar depressions, and smooth out creases and folds. Due to sun damage and muscle movement, our skin becomes more prone to wrinkles and fine lines as we age. The use of facial fillers provides a solution to such damage.

The solution will be injected using a thin needle by our skincare professionals into strategically located muscles. Some patients experience mild discomfort as a side effect of our treatment, but nothing to worry about. As a result, treatments are quick, and recovery times are short.

For a few days after your treatment, your skin may appear red or sore, but this should soon disappear. In the first 24 hours following the filler procedure, wrinkles are likely to fade, followed by more changes over the next five days.

Because facial fillers are temporary solutions, they will need to be treated repeatedly to maintain results.

Every patient’s recovery time is different. Avoid strenuous physical activities to prevent swelling and bruises during the first 24-48 hours after getting fillers.

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